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Brigitta Bánhidi

Brigitta Bánhidi is known of fast and long-lasting results of whatever she deals with.As an Economist with sound legal background she began her professional career in a multinational environment. In Manager of three successful projects, she moved on to Product Management. In 2008 a new chapter started in here life with giving birth to her first daughter. While taking care of her, Brigitta started studying coaching and soon became a qualified business and life coach. By the time she had her second daughter in 2010 she was having coaching clients and was known for being an empathic, efficient and goal-oriented coach. In honor of her professional coaching practice in 2012 she was awarded “The Coach of The Year” by ICF Hungary.

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Dainius Baltrušaitis

Dainius is Psychologist and OD consultant and coach with more than 10 years of experience with both private and public corporations in the area of Organizational Development and Change. Using Solution-Focused, Appreciative Inquiry and other strength-based philosophies, incorporating Action Research, World Café, the Open Space Technology and other techniques, Dainius has been working with well – known companies both nationally and internationally in helping them to transition towards an appreciative / affirmative organizational culture, with a focus on solutions for the future, amplifying successes. He also has more than 14 years experience in managing own businesses and different teams within.Dainius holds degrees in psychology, economics and business administration. He is also holds PCC accreditation from International Coach Federation (ICF). Dainius is passionate about making life simple: “Our life is simple as long as we do not complicate it ourselves”.

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John Brooker

John Brooker works as a SF facilitator / team coach internationally. He has used SF since 2004 and is particularly interested in the tools and how these can be adapted and extended.

dr susanne burgstaller

Dr. Susanne Burgstaller

Susanne is a solutions-focused management consultant, team developer, coach, and the founder of usolvit consultants GmbH. She has been working in the areas of HR and organizational development for the last 25 years, both as a manager and independent consultant.
She is facilitating solutions for her customers in the banking and manufacturing industries, as well as in the public sector. She is coaching leaders individually and with their teams to foster fit organisations and work environments.
She lives in Vienna with her husband and two daughters.

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Jenny Clarke

Jenny Clarke has guided clients in energy, health, banking and finance, manufacturing, advertising and the arts.  Her work has helped them bring an SF flavour to coaching, organisational development, staff appraisal, project management and implementation, training and facilitation.

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Jesper Christiansen

Jesper Christiansen lives in Denmark and Switzerland and since 1997 has been working self employed in both the public and the private sector. As a trained Kaospilot (Project management education in DK), raised with the dynamic of World Cafe dialogue Jesper took a jump from systematic theory to solution focus in 2005, discovering the simplicity of working with goals and resources in groups.

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Elfriede Czerny

Elfriede Czerny acts as solutions-focused systemic consultant with focus on organisational-, and team-development as well as coaching and is member of the usolvit consultants GmbH team. She co-developed the solutions-focused competence assessment tool NextCompetence and is author of several articles about development-focused HRM, strategic HRM, and solutions-focused competence management.

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Kirsten Dierolf

Kirsten Dierolf is the director of SolutionsAcademy, an international consulting and training company for solution focused coaching, teamcoaching and organizational development. She mainly works internationally for large corporation, but also for small and medium sized companies. She has been training solution focused consultants, coaches and organizational developers in her own training institute since 2008. She also leads the German publishing house SolutionsAcademy Verlag, a publisher for solution focused consulting ideas. Kirsten co-authored “The Solution Tango” with Louis Cauffman and just published the German book “Solution Focused teamcoaching”, which will be available in English in 2014. She regularly publishes about solution focused consulting in peer reviewed journals and is co-editor of the academic peer-reviewed journal “InterAction”. Kirsten is president of SFCT, an international association of solution focused consultants and coaches. She teaches in the Masters’ program for systemic supervision at the Protestant University for Applied Sciences in Freiburg.

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Dominik Godat

Dominik works as coach with teams and leaders to help them reach their goals and apply SF principles in their daily leadership practice. Before he was in different HR positions for several years and tried out SF in HR and leadership himself. These experiences made Dominik passionate to spread SF Leadership (SFL) and make it more accessible for Leaders around the world. He conducted the first worldwide research study about this topic and developed a descriptive model of SF as a Leadership style. He furthermore lectures at different Universities of Applied Sciences in Switzerland and is in charge of the Certificate of Advanced Studies – CAS Coaching as a Leadership Competence at the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne, Switzerland (

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Katalin Hankovszky

Katalin Hankovszky is an independent trainer and coach, coming from a pedagogical background, working in business and training environment since 1995. Since she first came across solution focus 1996 she has integrated this approach in all of her work. She co-created the concept of solution focused training methodology. She’s leading the Hungarian faculty of Solutionsurfers (SF brief coaching and coach training). She’s a SOLworld enthusiast from the very beginning.


Éva Porpáczy

As member of the Business Coach Ltd. coach team (, Eva enjoys facilitating leaders and teams to move forward. With a background of pedagogy and art history, she has been working in the field of personal development for 20 years with NLP, Nonviolent Communication, Three In One Concepts, Arbinger etc. Eva is inspired by Solution Focus since 2007 and has participated several SF events, e.g. in Texel and Balatonfüred. She is just launching her new public workshop program, “Communication with coaching approach”. She lives in Budapest with her husband and two sons.

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Günter Lueger

Günter Lueger is founder and director of the Solution Management Center, a research and training center in Vienna. 25 years experience as trainer, consultant and coach in Management and as researcher at the university (2004: appointment as university professor for leadership and coaching). He has published many articles on SF-Applications and is presenter at inter national conferences. He developed innovations like SolutionFocused Rating, “Retooling” and is editor of the book series “Solution-focused Management Series”.

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Marco Matera

Marco Matera is is an independent trainer and coach specializes in Solution Focused Approach and applied research. Since 2008, he is an international speaker, and in 2009 his approach has been the subject of Faculty of Facility Management dell’NHTV Breda(NL) thesis. With R. Benardon he edited the Franco Angeli’s text ” Punta alla Soluzione ” the Italian edition of the English text ”The Solution Focus” by mark McKergow and paul Jackson. The words that best describe his approach are: Simplicity, Essentiality, and Presence. All around them spin: Beauty, Abundance, Concreteness.The best way to describe his work is the metaphor of the diamond cutter. The diamond cutter does not add anything to the diamond, just remove the unnecessary in order to free the sparkling from the inside. So is not about change, but to support people to get rid of what you do not need, to make sure that they can see their own diamond and show it. His job is to make people capable to give value to their diamond and recognize it in others. This creates greater harmony, respect, sense of belonging, a sense of confidence, calm and fluid relationships.

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Dr Mark McKergow

Dr Mark McKergow is director of the Centre for Solutions Focus at Work, now based in London.  He is author of the classic book ‘The Solutions Focus: Making coaching & change SIMPLE’, still selling well after nearly ten years in print and now in 11 languages, along with two further books and dozens of articles.  He has presented the Solutions Focus approach to coaching on every continent except Antarctica.  Mark founded both the SOLWorld network ( ) and the SFCT professional body ( ), and edits the journal InterAction.  He is also a visiting research fellow at the University of Hertfordshire.  Find out more about Mark and his work at and .

Learn from Mark here: pre-conference workshop Introducing SF work – “Change is happening all the time…” 

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Petra Müller-Demary

Petra Müller-Demary is originally from Germany (Köln) and has been living in Romania since 1995. She has more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Management Development.Today she works as an Executive Coach, Team Coach and Management Trainer in Romania, Bulgaria and Germany. After several years in an international company she continued her carrier as an independent consultant and supported the development of her clients with various projects building up her reputation as one of the leading Coaches and Systemic Business Consultants in Romania.

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Svea van der Hoorn

Svea van der Hoorn regards herself as an optimistic pragmatist who enjoys the creative discipline and imaginative improvisation that Solution-focused Brief Thinking and Practice offers. Svea discovered the Solution-focused Brief Approach in the late 1980s via Steve de Shazer’s article “Minimal Elegance”, and was captivated by the focused, creative use of language. She has returned to BRIEF in London on many occasions since her first course with them in 1990. She completed the 16-week virtual course in SFBT with Insoo Kim Berg and Therese Steiner in 2002. In 2007 Svea participated in the trainers’ track in Brief Coaching offered by SolutionSurfers, an ICF- accredited coach training programme.

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Peter Szabo

As an executive coach Peter specializes in brief coaching processes for leaders who seek sustainable results with minimal intervention. He works with top executives of international corporations and supports change projects currently for Lufthansa Systems in Budapest, Petronas in Kuala Lumpur, SAP in Heidelberg, for Andritz Hydro in New Dehli and banks in Luxemburg and Lichtenstein. He draws on 15 years of corporate experience as lawyer, manager and organizational developer.