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I. pre-workshop –  12th September

Introducing SF work – “Change is happening all the time…

Presenter: Mark McKergow
Date: September 12th, 3-5.30 pm
Location: Visegrad
Costs: € 30

For participants of the main conference the pre-conference is free.
Enroll: send a mail to

Solution Focused practice is being applied worldwide to coaching, management, team development, strategy, OD – building progress rapidly in tough situations.  In this active and participative workshop, Dr Mark McKergow will introduce SF work in his own inimitable style combining scientific rigour with performance pizzazz.   Mark will be looking at how to work with complex, messy, rapidly changing and confusing situations using SF ideas and tools.  He will show how SF is not only a crisp and focused way to work, but also an integrated and whole response to the challenges of a complex world.  Mark will introduce his classic ‘Six Solutions Tools’ conception of SF, as well as sharing stories, answering questions and getting everyone to a great place to enjoy and benefit from the rest of the conference.  No experience necessary for this workshop – come, learn, share, participate.

To gain further insights check out  a mini-interview made with Mark McKergow.

II. pre-workshop –  12th September

How to Design Projects in Management and Consulting in a Solution-Focused Way

Presenter: Günter Lueger
Date: September 12th, 3-5.30 pm
Location: Visegrad
Costs: € 30

For participants of the main conference the pre-conference is free.
Enroll: send a mail to

Key management processes in companies like performance management and sales can focus on potential for solutions or on deficits. In many cases managers and consultants have to deal with deficit-oriented instruments/ systems that are implemented and in use. In this workshop you learn how to redesign as a consultant or manager such key management processes and task in a simple and effective solution-focused way and:

– How to convince managers that SF-principles are useful to deal with deficits and weaknesses and situations, when the performance is low

– How to convince managers that redesigning management system is useful to be more effective and successful

– How to integrate the principles of solution finding into tools and instruments on a general level

– How to redesign and to “retool” management tasks like performance management, sales or strategy development in a SF-way

– Examples and cases of successful implementations of Retooling in companies will be presented(e.g. Redesign of a Performance Management System in a bank)

To gain further insights check out  a mini-interview made with Günter Lueger.

Post-workshop –  15th September

SF Leadership – beyond SF Coaching

Presenter: Dominik Godat
Date: September 15th, 9-4 pm
Location: Budapest
Costs: € 50

For participants of the main conference the post-conference is free. As the post workshop is in Budapest, please contact us for further information.
To enroll and for further information please send a mail to

SF in organizations is spreading around the world. More and more Leaders apply SF successfully in their everyday leadership. Even tough it can look quite similar, SF coaching and SF leadership (SFL) are slightly different. Find out more about the relevant differences and how to put SF into practice in your leadership position.In this workshop you will learn from the results of the first worldwide SF Leadership Survey that Dominik conducted and see how Leaders who already apply SF in their Leadership position do it. Dominik will also tell stories from his own SF Leadership experiences and will let you experience many different SF applications in your leadership position – from SF everyday interactions to SF performance appraisals, from SF meetings to SF coaching as a Leader. You will increase your confidence to lead in a SF way and find your own next step in applying SF in your Leadership position!