Pre-conference workshop – February 4th

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Success isn’t good enough. Creating a company that’s worthwhile.

Presenter: Monika Houck
Date: Febr. 4th 9.30-12.30 am.
Location: Hotel Adina, Budapest


Companies are often judged by their success. Even more often the only success that counts is the commercial success of the shareholders.

Commercial success can be created in a lot of ways – and within competition there is no guarantee of profitability. For none of these ways.

Some famous Fortune 500 companies nowadays are very successful and don’t care for their customers and people at all.

They just dictate conditions of life.

This workshop is based on the thought that success isn’t enough. Not if you want to live a life that’s worthwhile.

The focus of the workshop will be – how to create a company worthwhile

  • for people working in it,
  • for customers, partners and owners.

How to lead a company differently will be the topic of this morning.

The SF approach contributes  in an excellent way to this purpose.

Leaders and coaches who are interested in this paradigm shift will take away some new thoughts and experiences.

And a very practical application for everyday life.

The Three Secrets of Introducing SF into Organisations

Presenter: Paul Z Jackson
Date: Febr. 4th 1.30-5.30 p.m.
Location: Hotel Adina, Budapest


The principles of SF remain the same wherever it is applied.  But the practice changes, depending on context.

This session explores what matters when taking SF into organisations.

We cover how to engage with clients and participants (who may not be the same people); how to set up for success in contracting and evaluating; how to manage a bigger project, with groups and more strategic objectives.

In this lively and interactive session, Paul Z Jackson, co-author of The Solutions Focus and Positively Speaking, will draw on his extensive experience to reveal his three top secrets of working with SF in organisations.