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Contributors to the Conference


Feedback – fuel for a learning organisation

Pre-Conference, 1 November, 09.30 – 12.30

Liselotte Baeijaert

Liselotte (°63) is a Solution Focused change practitioner, facilitation expert and executive coach. She has over 23 years’ experience in global businesses, including financial services, pharmaceutical industries and executive environments. She also worked for non-profit organizations, schools and universities. She has operated in restructuring processes, growth and talent management projects.
As a business owner, Liselotte co-creates process driven change with executives and teams, aligning overall sustained behavioral change with strategy. She has designed and facilitated both small and large scale interventions, and she coaches leaders and executives in different work environments.
She holds university degrees in philology (literature and linguistics), drama and pedagogical skills (University of Louvain, Belgium) and completed courses in Gestalt Coaching and Counseling, NLP, R.E.T., Solution Focused Management and Coaching and several specialized leadership, facilitation and personal development programs. Liselotte has worked with many cultures, especially in Asia and Europe.
Liselotte is married and has three children. In her spare time, she likes going on trips, reading, hiking, enjoying life and hanging out with friends.


Life through a solution focus lens


Bianca Bozdog

Bianca Bozdog is a Learning Leader through life. She has certified in GROW model 19 years ago and 3 years ago she discovered Solution Focus. In her profession, she acts as Learning Consultant for Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland within IBM. In her private life, she is passionate about human fulfilment and accomplishment through personal development, using coaching (mainly Solution Focus), mentoring, training, emotional development (Espere and Journey processes).


Shakya Kumara

Shakya Kumara is a management trainer and coach, with clients including Bupa, the National Australia Bank, the National Health Service, Sheffield University and other organizations around the UK and Europe. He is the founder of Brief Mindfulness, helping busy leaders, managers and professionals access high performance and low stress. He is the developer of the iFLOW model of Time Management and the “MAGIC” model of Negotiation, both of which are in use around the world.


Andreas Fuhrmann

Andreas is originally from Romania, been living in Germany for a long time before returning to Romania in 1993. His work is based on more than 25 years of experience in the field of Top Management. He supports his clients by running AC/DC, Management Development programs and Executive Coaching.
With an appreciative and resource-oriented approach, he guides you in your development. You benefit from his personal knowledge and many years of experience as coaches and in business.


Building your own business through word of mouth


Solution focused networking


Helping people with Autism make a living with Solution Focused Practice

Andrew Gibson

Andrew Gibson is a passionate advocate of Solution Focused Practice, and uses it every day, whether with clients or associates, or in helping his 5 year old son to grow and develop! Andrew applies SFP in organisations, specifically in Charities and Community Companies, and in pre-start and small businesses where he helps entrepreneurs to make a living, or to support their teams. He uses Coaching, Facilitation, Training and Supervision to help people make progress as individuals, to make progress with their team, and to help others realise sustainable change in community projects. He has specific skills in helping organisations of all types and at all stages develop sustainable revenues, whether from clients and customers, or from using SFP to make charitable fundraising activity more successful. As well as training SFP, Andrew delivers training in the generation of word of mouth referrals, helping members of BNI in Yorkshire where he is on the Director Consultant team. Andrew lives in Leeds, UK, with his wife Natalie, and their son Alexander (5 years old). In addition to his work, Andrew is a contributor to SFiO and UKASFP where he serves on the committee for both organisations. In his spare time, he enjoys singing, classic cars, and walks and cycle rides with his family.

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Lisa Jacob

Lisa Jacob is a Solution Focus Coach and practitioner. She has 12 year’s experience working in Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom. Lisa is on the Board of the Applied Improvisation Network and has organised two TEDx events in London.


How a local council turned SF

Paut Kromkamp

With a background first as a physiotherapist and later as a manager in health care, Paut fell in love with SF in 2008 when she heard Vivian Hogg speak about Signs of Wellbeing, a concept she and John Wheeler developed for the NHS. She knew instantly that this was the way forward both in patient care and in the systems changes ahead in her country. Six months after that talk Paut started her own business as a consultant, trainer and coach, and has not looked back since. She is fortunate to also be a member of Vraagkracht, a team of now about 30 family coaches and trainers in The Netherlands and Belgium, who are solution focused to the core. In their weekly Intervision sessions they keep each other on their toes to deliver the best work and to develop their skills all the time. At the moment Paut is working as a consultant and trainer in more local councils and with several youth care and child protection organisations in The Netherlands and Belgium. She also has assignments in team coaching in higher education and health care and she works with couples. She moderates a lot of SF Intervision sessions, both live and online. Together with colleagues Paut published a book on the Vraagkracht way of working and a tool with seven SF Intervision models. An updated Three Column tool is planned for publication in the summer of 2018, in Dutch and in English.


Ian Peatey

Ian Peatey is a a partner, coach, consultant, trainer and technical handy man with Solution Surfers Romania. He brings Solution Focus training, coaching and consulting to business in a variety of tailor made projects.

Originally from the UK he has been living in Romania since 2009 having lived in Poland for 15 years before that. Ian has over 20 years working in Management and Personal Development including as head of Training for PwC in Poland. In his spare time he is a trainer of Nonviolent Communication and a Learning Coach with the Entrepreneurship Academy.

While being British means humour is programmed into his genes – this may or not be obvious during his SOL Talk. It will all depend on what kind of day he’s having.


Katalin Hankovszky

Katalin Hankovszky M.A., PCC is an independent trainer and coach, coming from a pedagogical background, working in business and training environment since 1995.
Since she first came across solution focus in 1996, she has integrated it in all of her work. She co-created the concept of SF training methodology.

She’s part of the Swiss Solutionsurfers team, leading the Hungarian faculty of Solutionsurfers (brief coaching, coach training and book publishing). She’s a SOLworld enthusiast from the very beginning and a freshman in her PhD studies (educational sciences).
She´s living in Switzerland with her husband and two little kids.


First steps in introducing coaching with children in a Hungarian school

Mónika Göntér

Mónika is a solution focused coach, trainer and a leader of psychodrama groups for adults and children. She holds engineering, HR and MBA degrees and has been working as a trainer, consultant and coach since 2004. Most of her experience has been gathered at small and medium sized companies. She loves to work with family businesses and start-up firms and has over 10 years of experience in helping young mothers return to the labour market. During the last three years she launched several projects at schools in Hungary to introduce a solution-focused approach to education. She lives in Budapest with her husband and their four children.


SF meets Agile

Klaus Schenck

Klaus is being an active contributor to the SOLworld community since 2003. A former scientist and manager, he has been working since 2004 as a self-employed coach, agile coach, trainer, facilitator, and consultant for individuals, teams and whole organizations, developing leadership competences and speeding up project portfolios, with solutiion focused, constraint focused, and systemic approaches. He combines a curiosity for concepts with a love for language – and a quirky mind with a sense of humor.


Coaching in Orange Romania – the beginning of a future story

Radu Dumitru

Radu Dumitru was a prisoner of analytics and abstract thinking, as a bachelor in Cybernetics and Computer Science applied in Economics, reinforced by an executive MBA and serving his time in the emerging Romanian capital market. He stopped talking to computers and switched to an Orange telecom neighborhood where he discovered that actual people do exist. With their help he managed various programs of customer service and experience for Romania with digressions for Holland, Switzerland, Belgium and France. Ten years ago he was still not aware of coaching as a community and even of coaching as a term, but started to accompany his colleagues in their personal journeys, very excited that he invented the wheel. Fast forward in the recent past, he got hooked by the solution focused movement and started to see the potential everywhere (so back to the abstract world).


The principles of innovative work organization, leadership and solution focus: how to start?

Bart Tirez

Bart Tirez is the Manager, Care Services with Familiehulp NPO, Belgium. He was employed as a responsible physiotherapist at the University Hospital of Leuven for over ten years, first as part of the orthopedic department and later as part of the department of rheumatology. During this time he did a lot of clinical work and research. He worked in health services as a director of services (CM Leuven) for three years. For the past thirteen years he has been working for Familiehulp NPO, a care provider (in the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium) that has over 12 600 employees. He has been responsible for the sharing of knowledge and experiences across organizations.

He holds a Master of Science in Physical Education and Kinesiology (1989); Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy (1991); Degree of Teacher in Physiotherapy for Higher Secondary Education and Higher Education (1992); Master of Science in Management and Policy in Healthcare 2000, all from University of Leuven.


Janine Waldman

Janine is a consultant, coach, facilitator and author who has introduced thousands of professionals, managers and coaches to solutions-focused approaches worldwide.

Co-owner and director of international consultancy The Solutions Focus, she is passionate about engendering positive sustainable change, working with a broad range of clients including Beiersdorf (Nivea), DP World, The Australian High Commission, Metropolitan Police, Benevolent AI (biotech), Imperial College London and numerous local authorities. She has held senior HRD positions in UK and New Zealand multi-nationals.

A Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, visiting lecturer on post-graduate leadership and HR programmes at Birkbeck and Westminster Universities, she guest presents at business schools on SF approaches, most recently at the London Business School. She is co-author of ‘Positively Speaking: The Art of Constructive Conversations with a Solutions Focus’ and ‘The Resilience Pocketbook’.