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We very much appreciate the support of our ambassadors in other CEE countries. If you find a name here from your country, this person can probably answer your questions.

Katalin Hankovszky
Katalin HankovszkyHungary
Klára Giertlova
Klára GiertlovaSlovakia
Lauma Ziemeļniece
Lauma ZiemeļnieceBaltics
Susanne Burgstaller
Susanne BurgstallerAustria
Lubomir Ziak
Lubomir ZiakCzech Republic
Fania Pallikarakis
Fania PallikarakisGreece
Olga Zotova
Olga ZotovaRussia
Leah Davcheva
Leah Davcheva Bulgaria
Tomasz Switek
Tomasz SwitekPoland
Dainius Baltrusaitis
Dainius BaltrusaitisBaltics
Biba Rebolj
Biba ReboljSlovenia
Victoria Spashchenko
Victoria SpashchenkoUkraina


We are a small group of solutions enthusiasts, developing the concept and the program of this conference, hosting participants and taking care of all the organizational details.

Petra Müller-Demary
Petra Müller-DemaryRomania
Ian Peatey
Ian PeateyRomania
Diana Dragu
Diana DraguRomania
Alina Goanta
Alina GoantaRomania
Robert Blaga
Robert BlagaRomania
Mihaela Danciu
Mihaela DanciuRomania
Selma Dragos
Selma DragosRomania