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Welcome to the 4th CEE Solution Focus Conference!

Solution Focus in Brief

The Conference is based on Solution Focus applied in coaching, consulting, managing and leading in organisations.

The approach values simplicity and its aim is to discover what works to allow progress in any given situation. The focus on what’s wanted (not what’s wrong), what’s going well (not what’s gone badly) and practical progress (not theory) leads to a positive and pragmatic way to work for organisations and individuals.

Solution Focus has its roots in the approach devised by Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer and others and remarkable results have occurred in organisations since the mid-1990s.

Who will be there?

The Conference will welcome about 80 practitioners and business people from Central Eastern European Region and several countries beyond.

Our aim is to gather leaders, decision makers, project managers, coaches, consultants and trainers to inspire and learn from each other. Some of them will come because they are fascinated to learn a new, resource-oriented, forward-focused way of working. Others will come to share and learn best practices in energizing people, conducting useful interactions and supporting long-lasting change.

At this exceptional opportunity, all the participants will develop their skills, expand their thinking, and share their experiences.

Why come?

You will find a rich variety of highly practical ideas, examples and case studies of innovative work along with the opportunity to build your network.

You will be able to see Solution Focus at work as well as take away ideas how to bring Solution Focus to your own applications. You will hear Case Studies of Solution Focus in organizations and get practical ideas how to support change. You will learn how to keep a positive energy and move forward with your team in crisis situations. You will take away tools for your day to day work that you can start using straight away to improve your personal effectiveness in whatever you do.


1 November

Half Day 75 EUR

Full Day 150 EUR


2-3 November

285 EUR until 30 September

320 EUR after 1 October

Prices do not include VAT